SOFTWARE, built for humans.

We create interactive data-driven experiences to help bring our customers' visions to life.

We've Worked With

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
Swiss Post
University of Copenhagen
Burnet Institute
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Center for Neural Circuits and Behaviour

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Products that delight

Even though we have decades of experience in software, our job doesn't end when the code has been written. We firmly believe in the marriage of good software with an intuitive user experience, which is why we pride ourselves on creating products that are a pleasure to use.
“[…] a level of UI sophistication and user-friendliness that is simply unprecedented in our field.”
— Dr. Mate Lengyel, University of Cambridge

No-nonsense software

Performant software is deeply important to us. The products we build run fast, treat your data securely and responsibly, and scale however much you need them to. Your business's growth depends on the quality of the product you ship to customers, and we have the technical expertise to craft resilient products that customers know they can rely on.