Helping develop a nationwide network of electric vehicle chargers.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more widespread, and the Dutch and Belgian EV charging infrastructures have to keep up. 50five needed a system robust enough to coordinate the installation of over 8000 EV chargers by hundreds of specialists across the Netherlands and Belgium. After the success of the 50five marketplace, 50five transitioned to a more specialised installation model, oriented around green energy and electric vehicles. We helped expand the software we built for them to accomodate this change.


Since 2016


Electric Charging, Green Energy

Real-time documentation

When an installer is on a job, they often need to be able to take pictures to document they work they're doing, to write down notes, to look up materials and plan future appointments. After building a mobile application for the 50five installers from scratch, we integrated a set of tools into it that allows installers to do all these tasks quickly and effortlessly. Naturally, all their data is synced back in real-time, allowing administrators to see what's going on in the field as it happens.

Data-driven efficiency

When you have hundreds of specialists out in the field, your planning must be efficient, otherwise your business will suffer. That's exactly why we worked closely with 50five to create a set of tools that allows them to monitor the availability of every single specialist and ensure their schedules are running at peak capacity. This system is capable of reviewing thousands of jobs and thousands of other kinds of appointments to analyse availability for each and every installer, and to place each new job in the soonest possible time slot, maximising customer satifaction. Our system also handles the scenario in which there simply is no availability for a certain job, by seamlessly integrating with a network of partners, and delegating those jobs to them.

Empowering our clients

We created a central interface for 50five's administrators to monitor the progress of all these installations, which allows them to quickly track hundreds of jobs across hundred of installers. This system allows them to find the data they're looking for within seconds, and warns them if anything seems off. Naturally, all data in the system is updated live, based on reports from installers in the field.

50five is doing an incredible job at increasing EV adoption in the Netherlands and Belgium by offering customers worry-free installation services and reliable advice. We're honored to have been able to help in this undertaking which is a great benefit to the environment. Our collaboration continues, and we're working hard on building the best tools we can for them.