A seamless smart device installation service.

50five's business revolves around selling smart home devices, as well as providing support when it comes to installing and using these devices. They were a fan of our work on Ajusto, and they contacted us about integrating the system we built for Ajusto with their existing business for smart home devices. The biggest challenge here was integrating a system we already built with an already existing business, but we managed to do this while helping 50five's business grow.


Since 2016


Smart Home, Green Energy, Electric Charging

A spatially-aware scheduling system

One of the most complex tasks we were faced with was programatically creating an optimal schedule that would take into account specialist location, specialist availability and customer requirements. We created algorithms that ensure jobs are always scheduled at the best possible time, which is crucial when it comes to optimising efficiency and profits for our client. As this often means finding the nearest possible specialist for the job, we built a spatially-aware system that tracks the geographic availability of every specialist.

Data-driven reporting

Similarly to Ajusto, our work for the 50five marketplace extended across web, iOS and Android. We wanted to make sure every single user had an impeccable user experience, so we implemented detailed reporting to monitor exceptions across the entire platform. This meant that, whenever something went wrong, we had specific data that allowed us to address the issue immediately, minimising wasted time for specialists and customers alike, and making sure nothing gets in the way of our customer's growth.

Information architecture

Jobs in the 50five marketplace have more than 10 states they can be in. We wanted to make sure that it was always clear to specialists, customers, and administrators what a certain job's status is in, and what the next steps that need to be taken are. We worked in close collaboration with 50five to review dozens of user flows across the platform and to optimise them so that each user has the simplest possible flow with the most delightful possible user experience.

In the time since we helped 50five build their marketplace, they've migrated to a business model based more around specialised green energy and electric vehicle charging installations. Despite this, the system we built remains in daily use, and we're constatly working closely with them to make sure it fulfills all their needs.