A marketplace from the ground up.

In 2016, 50five contacted us about a new service they wanted to build, which would make it easy for users across Europe to find a specialist for whatever service they needed, be it smart device installation or home remodelling. Since this project would have to work seamlessly across multiple European countries, it would be no small undertaking. Still, we gladly took on the challenge.


Since 2016


Smart Home and Home Improvement

A multinational marketplace

Ajusto was built to do business in three different countries simultaneously: the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Saffron built a series of web backends that shared a common codebase, yet could be extended for per-country needs, such as different taxation requirements or integration with third-party services. The platform mainainted rock-solid performance, being able to serve hundreds of thousands of users.

A great user experience for every type of user

Because of its very nature, Ajusto is used by various types of users. Customers put in requests for jobs that they need to be done. Specialists are allocated to these jobs based on their availability, and actually document the job completion process. Administrators monitor the whole process, ensuring there are no hiccups along the way. We worked with 50five to make sure each type of user would have an impeccable user experience, while maintaining a high standard of security and access control across the platform.

Cross-platform usability

Ajusto is fundamentally cross-platform: customers book jobs on the web, specialists use their mobile devices to document the work they are doing while on the move, and administrators use custom-built tools to make sure everything is running smoothly. Therefore, our work spanned three platforms: web, iOS and Android. Naturally, we ensured each user has an intuitive experience, regardless of the platform they are on.

Data-driven decisions

We wanted to allow our client to make the most of the data generated in each country by making data-driven decisions in real time. To this end, we integrated our platform with multiple third party ERP/CRM and data analysis backends that 50five was already using. This way, our client had all their data at their fingertips.

We helped 50five build Ajusto from the ground up, and today Ajusto is used by more than 500 specialists who serve over 10,000 customers. Our collaboration with 50five has been an extremely enjoyable one, and as the years have gone by we've built a close partnership that we're very happy to be a part of.