Citizen's Card
Modern democracy.

The Citizen's Card is a modern initiative to allow citizens to involve themselves in the mayor's and local council decisions. It's a multifunctional card that allows citizens to use public transportation for free while being able to access information and participate in the democratic process of the local administration.


Since 2016



Boosting the citizen's power

Using the Citizen's Card you can vote for or against investments with the local council, start a referendum or simply get a transparent overview of the council's organization and budgets.

Transparency through technology

Developing the Citizen's Card we were able to offer the citizens of Piatra Neamț a better overview of their local administration. We believe that information about our government should be available to everyone at any time. Therefore, to allow citizens to better understand their local administration, we also applied an educational facet to the project.

on the go

Our information access points were scattered around the city of Piatra Neamț in order to allow users without a smartphone access to the platform. For citizens who do have a smartphone, the app is available on online marketplaces, allowing access at any time and place.


There has been glowing local and national press coverage of the Citizen's Card.

“The card offers the citizens the power to control the public administration's employees, each local councelor and especially the power to organize a referendum. The citizens can participate in each decision made. It's a revolution in local administration.”
“Each citizen of Piatra Neamț will have a Citizen's Card. This represents a method of stopping corruption and waste of public funds, allowing the citizen to have full control of the local administration. With the aid of this card, citizens have power over the future of their city.”

This project has been a local success in our first tests in the city of Piatra Neamț, a city with around 97,000 citizens. We're currently developing the product and concept in order to expand to the rest of Romania.