Insights for physical locations.

In 2015, Saffron was approached by a group of investors to build a customer analytics platform. Cubity transforms device and social profile data into powerful customer intelligence. This helps companies better understand their customers' behavior, shopping patterns and facilitates the development of performance metrics.


Since 2015


Customer Analytics

More than a normal connection

We built a wireless gateway entirely from the ground up, with a twist. Whenever a user connects, their location and history are used to provide highly targeted information, relevant to their physical surroundings.

Information strategy

Deciding which information is relevant to which user is no easy task. We sat down with our clients and thoroughly discussed the needs of each user persona. It was a personal mission of ours to ensure the availability of truly relevant information, while excluding generic advertising or spammy campaigns.

Bespoke architecture

Our technical team worked closely with companies looking to implement Cubity, designing a custom architecture for each physical location. This maximized wireless coverage and the accuracy of metrics such as triangulation while minimizing the clients' costs.

This project's potential in customer analytics has been recognised by many. Companies from small businesses to the Eurozone's largest retail groups have chosen Cubity. Working on this project has been a thrilling experience for our team, teaching us many things over the course of its development.