Initiative for a sustainable city.

We teamed up with volunteers from Piatra Neamț in order to promote a green initiative for the city. Following the Digital Economy & Society plans for Smart City 2020 we translated our movement into better use of resources and less impact on the environment while promoting green transportation such as trolleybuses and Segways.


Since 2016


Social & Environment

Transforming Piatra Neamț

Piatra Neamț is a city of around 100,000 citizens, a medium-sized city that has the right infrastructure for becoming a green city. We carefully planned an online and offline strategy in order to educate and inform the citizens about the benefits of a green city.

The ecological phenomenon

During our volunteering we managed to associate our brand with ecological transportation methods. We were covered by local press and numerous volunteers joined the initiative.

Volunteering in order to inform and educate the citizens of Piatra Neamț has turned into a social movement in spring 2016. The local administration is currently implementing projects in order to transform Piatra Neamț into a greener city.