Futuristic UI for today's tech.

Keymetrics is a new generation application monitoring system for teams which use cutting-edge technologies. Startups use it to ease development and deployment of APIs and large scale systems, while enterprises use it to keep their multitude of applications in check across distributed servers. Saffron developed a new marketing website for Keymetrics which helped them better convey their tech-centric business vision by implementing a design based on futuristic UIs.


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Calls to action

We used carefully placed calls to action to maximise the conversion of new visitors into customers. This was one of the most important components of the website, as it directly drove new business.

User conversion was also aided by the application tour, which illustrated to users what Keymetrics offers, so that they can find out right away if the platform is right for them.

Since deploying their new website, Keymetrics' overall customer experience and conversion rate have grown dramatically, which is why we're very proud of our work on this project.