Piatra Neamț

During the 2016 local elections we were contacted in order to help the Social-Democratic candidate for the city of Piatra Neamț build a campaign that would aid the political party better convey their message of technological innovation and transparency in local administration.


Since 2016


Politics & Local Administration

A different campaign

The city of Piatra Neamț has a history of corruption, with the same political party having been in power for the past 12 years.

The Social-Democrat party envisioned a project for the upcoming 4 years that would build a transparent and modern administration. With the help of social media, we endeavored to achieve that.

The power of social media

Generating over 2.5M page views, 600K video views and over 1M engagements on the candidate's social media accounts, our campaign ended up having the widest reach of any political campaign in the history of Piatra Neamț.

Data visualization

In order to better understand the distribution of the city's population and identify voting hotspots, we built a bespoke piece of software.

Our application used public data and Google Maps to aid the candidate and his assistants in maximizing the impact and relevance of their campaigning efforts.

Ranging from social media and online campaigns to illustrations and brand management, our agency was allowed to implement a wide range of services in a cohesive manner, paving the way for the campaign's success.