Searching for the perfect smile.

OrthoExtend aids you in finding the best orthodontic surgery in your area, so that you can have just the smile you want. We help surgeries promote their services through a web application that boosts transparency and emphasises the importance of fair pricing and top-notch services.


Since 2014




By building OrthoExtend, we increased the competitiveness of the orthodontics market, as directly pitting surgeries against each other meant that each surgery had to re-evaluate its offerings and step up to deliver the best possible products. This was beneficial for customers, as the quality of services offered to them increased.

Content & client management

OrthoExtend's web application not only shows surgery rankings but also features a real-time appointment system. This means that customers can pick the surgery that's best for them, then immediately make an appointment, saving time and effort on both sides.

Organic marketing

When new surgeries are created we dynamically craft highly efficient bespoke pages for them. These pages include photos, reviews, services and prices. OrthoExtend is therefore a powerful organic marketing engine that brings in significant additional traffic for surgeries that don't have a website yet.

We love building products that disrupt markets and improve the overall well-being of customers and are eager to expand the kind of work we've done for OrthoExtend to other fields.