Data Analysis & Visualisation Services

Every dataset tells a story. We combine both data science and interface design to bring out that story. Using our platforms, users, researchers and investors can fully understand and explore the meaning behind their data.

Our Specializations

Data Visualization

We develop both internal and customer-facing interactive data visualization applications, for clients in academia as well as the medical and financial sectors. Uncovering meaning in data is a passion of ours, and we adhere to Edward Tufte's principles of maximizing information and minimizing noise.

Focusing on Interactivity

We believe interactivity is critical to understanding data, in particular when presenting it to users (or in healthcare, patients) who are not technically familiar with it. Our platforms allow users to uncover, explore and understand data for themselves.

More Than Off-The-Shelf Tools

While existing tools are suitable for many purposes, they often fall short. Firstly, custom visualisations are required to coherently tell the story of much domain-specific data. Secondly, interactivity in off-the-shelf tools is limited or absent. For these reasons, we build custom solutions for our customers.

Customer Data Analysis

Whenever you're creating or marketing a product, understanding user personas and market segments is essential to successfully targeting your content. We shape your raw customer data into an understandable form, giving you the information needed to successfully communicate with your audience.


In many industries, analyzing data to estimate what will happen next can provide a game-changing advantage. Our team employs statistical techniques in order to predict trends and future values, with applications from consumer preference data to financial modeling.

Learning and Classification

The field of machine learning is becoming instrumental for extracting information from today's ever-growing data. Our data scientists create and apply classification models to a wide variety of real-life problem domains such as product recommendation, medical imaging and text mining.

An Integrated Solution

To best understand your data, an integrated model is required, which we create by unifying all your different data sources into one cohesive picture.

Afterwards, this data is holistically analyzed in the context of your existing business strategy, yielding a basis for informed strategic decisions.

Bringing Value to Light

Be it financial, scientific or demographic, a significant amount of data is collected by all organizations, and this data often holds the key to crucial business insights.

However, many organizations overlook this potential — don't be one of them. Our team will help you bring these insights to light.

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