Interface & Product Design Services

Our Specializations

User Experience Design

Delighting users with a simple, intuitive and memorable experience is just as important as having good code or impressive visual elements. We strive to make sure every moment your customer spends with your product is compelling and engaging.

Interface Design

Interfaces form the link between your product and its user, so they should make your product understandable and easy to use. If you ask us, that's where the real beauty in design is — products that elegantly convey meaning and structure.


Our team creates a plethora of visual assets, usable across all media to support your brand's communication. Resources we typically produce for clients include vector graphics, icons, UI kits, data visualizations and presentations.

Packaging Design

We know packaging is vital in differentiating your product from your competitors' and connecting with the consumer on an emotional level. This is why we strive to build beautiful, informative packaging.

Responsive Design

In recent years, more and more people are using mobile devices to do things that used to require desktop computers. We advocate a mobile-first approach — interfaces should be designed with mobile use in mind, adapting to devices of any shape and size.

Industrial Design

The products a customer interacts most intimately with are physical. Our product designers take into account physical and functional considerations to conceive an iconic and memorable design.


Often, users would be delighted by a product's functionality but are never convinced to try it out. Design should effectively communicate the product's value and attract interested users.

We use multiple testing tools (e.g. heat mapping, A/B testing) to finely tune key points of interaction such as calls to action.

Intuitive Experience

We do not shape content with design, we let design be shaped by content. This method capitalizes on intuitivity and reduces user friction and frustration.

Comprehensibility is ensured using analytics and business insights, so that anyone can understand what the product has to offer.

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