Strategy & Research Services

We build strategies and campaigns by uniting competition analysis, content strategy and analytics. Across a project's lifecycle, we generate reports and drive traffic while increasing leads and conversions.

Our Specializations

A/B Testing

An important aspect to take into consideration when building any product is monitoring and analysing the performance of every revision. The data gathered allows us to see whether the changes made generate additional traction or not. Continuous improvement is something we strive for, as it helps maintain our clients' conversion rates and product usability.

In-Depth Analytics

There's more to analytics than just gathering vanity metrics (e.g. pageviews, unique users, bounce rates and social followers). We use statistics to create goals and clear, actionable reports. This enables us to easily compare which strategies work and which don't.

Market Research

Understanding the people you're selling your product to is essential to any good strategy. That's why we research the needs of your potential customers, as well as the viability of your product. We then use this information to determine how we approach development, design, user experience and content creation.

Competitive Analysis

It's important to understand your competition so that you can learn from their experience and outperform them. We identify your key competitors and examine their marketing strategies, online presence and offline strategies in order to offer you insight into what could be improved in your own business.

Monetization Strategy

If you're starting something new, our team helps you identify and nurture a business model. For existing projects, we pinpoint new directions and investments that can lead to fresh sources of revenue, allowing your business to grow to the next level.

Product Strategy

When you're preparing to develop something new, our team makes sure the kernel of your idea blooms into a fully-grown product. We work with you to create timelines, milestones and actionable goals so that you can develop your vision.

Build, Measure, Learn

You've just implemented your great idea. What now? Leaving products unmonitored is a common mistake. We believe that digital products must be continuously improved. That's why we help our customers get into a constant loop of building, measuring and learning — this can make the difference between growing and failing.

Persona-Targeted Strategy

It's essential to identify customer segments and to generate profiles (or personas). Using these personas, we're able to build highly tailored content and design for the optimal user experience. Proper customer targeting and data-driven decisions can avoid unnecessary costs generated by inefficient marketing efforts and unintuitive applications.

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