Digital Product Development Services

We specialize in building robust, visually immersive digital experiences. Digital products and services are reshaping entire industries, generating new sources of revenue and expanding horizons. That's why we love to build not just websites, but digital applications of all shapes and sizes.

Our Specializations

Web Applications

We love to build visually impressive and robust web applications. Our team has solid knowledge and extensive experience in multiple web technology stacks, allowing us to craft beautiful, functional, adaptive web experiences.

Mobile & Multiplatform Apps

Mobile platforms represent a unique medium, as they handle the data that underpins our lives. If harnessed responsibly, this data can be the basis for revolutionary apps and services. Let's build that next app together.


For a compelling, secure and beautiful e-commerce website, users should have a frictionless shopping experience complete with relevant recommendations. Our experienced, proficient team handles all this for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Content Management Systems

Gone are the days when you had to contact a developer to add content to your website. Nowadays, your team can easily take care of it. We build our websites to be easily editable and customisable, using anything from bespoke solutions to tried-and-tested platforms like WordPress.

Functional Assurance

When developing software, it's important to ensure your application is always chugging along happily. We use robust functional languages and processes such as behavior-driven development (BDD) to make sure of this.

Security Assurance

At Saffron, security is always a priority. We understand that you trust us with your data just as your customers trust you with theirs. Our engineers use their security expertise and the most modern technologies to ensure applications are hardened by default.

Architecture Design

Before starting development, it is paramount to design a carefully considered architecture. Using software modelling processes and ubiquitous documentation, we can create modular, flexible systems that easily adapt to changing requirements.

Infrastructure Planning

Scalability and security rely on the hardware your application runs on. To put you and your customers at ease, we make use of virtualized, distributed servers to design physical architectures and put deployment and access control policies in place.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Software engineering facilitates the multidisciplinary approach that is at the core of our company's culture. We strive to bring together all of the disparate parts of our clients' projects and make them work in harmony.

This is, indeed, one of the best parts about software — the ability to unite concepts from many different fields and integrate them into a coherent application.

Disciplined with Complexity

The art of programming is the art of organizing complexity, of mastering multitude and avoiding its bastard chaos as effectively as possible. Edsger W. Dijkstra

In a constantly developing market of digital products and services, the largest threat is the lack of focus. Careful planning and organization is the best way to avoid this threat.

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